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How to study as a registered nurse

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  • How to study as a registered nurse

    Hello everyone, just wanted to write some tips and pointers.

    It does take a very long time to study for your nclex-rn exams. There is a mountain of information, so the trick is to find the correct and right material in order to pass. If you study things like saunders, it probably will be very difficult to pass or you would have to learn more than most. So far, in terms of studying techniques, we highly recommend using mnemonics. This will make it very easy for you return the information instead of having to try really hard.

    It is very hard to pass the exam but only if you do not know the information. They will ask you thinks you never thought or heard of. Like a medication you never came across. The point of the exam is to have a good all around understanding of the information and being able to use it in critical thinking.

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    It does take a long time, I guess just try to do like 30 questions a day of good rigorous studying, you can't do too much, or else you will burn out.